"frá Bjarkarlundi"

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September, 04th 2010! A visit by Ans Beer-Schell
March, 28th 2010! Silly's first birthday!!
Silly, July, 08th 2009
Grandpa Bjartur visit his granddaughter Silly
Silly practise Agility
I'm the Newcomer in the pack "Frá Bjarkarlundi"!
 My Name: SILLY frá Olafsjördur
Date of birth: March, 28th 2009
Vater: INDI frá Bjarkarlundi
Mutter: GRÍMA frá Fuglatorgi
CHIP-Nr.: 528140000361638
The visit!
E+T_05-05-26.jpg (11518 Byte) Dreier_05-05-23.jpg (11541 Byte)
©Foto: Rudolf K. Höfelmeier
Nasti_05-05-16.jpg (9779 Byte)
"Our" DARKI/LUCKY as an actor in the tv-thriller "TATORT" 
Darki_1.jpg (6984 Byte) Darki_5.jpg (4019 Byte) Darki_3.jpg (4982 Byte)
Darki_4.jpg (6246 Byte) Darki_6.jpg (4183 Byte) Darki_2.jpg (3763 Byte)
mal genauer schnuffeln.JPG (8481 Byte) Flori und Gina beim kennenlernen.jpg (8998 Byte) 03-01-05_0106.jpg (5315 Byte)
Impressions from our holidays in Finland
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Img_0052.jpg (5416 Byte) Wald.jpg (9116 Byte) Img_0031a.jpg (10304 Byte)
It's playtime!
15_04_69.jpg (12186 Byte) 15_04_54.jpg (24444 Byte) 15_04_91.jpg (21056 Byte)
15_04_70.jpg (10009 Byte) 15_04_97.jpg (16323 Byte) 15_04_64.jpg (20788 Byte)
The members of our animal family
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©Foto Brinkmann
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©Foto Brinkmann
Agnea.jpg (31762 Byte)
©Foto Brinkmann
I'm the eldest,"FINA",
born: 27.02.1994
My name:"STEINUNN",
born: 22.05.1996  
I'm "AGNEA",
born: 13.06.1998
Bjartur.jpg (27613 Byte)
©Foto Brinkmann
leo-1.jpg (13210 Byte)
©Foto Cardinal
 Lili_0010.jpg (5224 Byte)
©Foto Cardinal
My name: "BJARTUR",
born: 31.07.1997
I listen to the name "LEO" My name: "MORITZ",
born: 27.04.2003
ready-steady.jpg (23052 Byte) go.jpg (20803 Byte) zw_tag~1.jpg (22033 Byte)
Ready, steady..... go.. A picture from the first kennel meeting
witz.jpg (25369 Byte) bja-is2.jpg (29040 Byte) Besuch1.jpg (24023 Byte)
Good joke, haha! Bjartur and his Icelandic pack Doni and Finja visiting their family

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